EAERE 2024
Leuven, Belgium
01 Jul - 04 Jul 2024
29th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

High-level roundtable on climate negotiations

The High-level roundtable on climate negotiations will take place as an EAERE 2024 pre-conference event on June 30 at KU Leuven, Belgium. This roundtable will be staged before the 29th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists in 2024 and aims to foster conversation between leading climate negotiators and experts on global climate policies. 


The roundtable will mainly comprise official climate negotiators. In the morning and early afternoon, each speaker will present in 10-20 min their preferred international policies to address climate change and global poverty. Then, there will be an open discussion between the speakers, followed by a Q&A session with the public. 


The event will help understand the opportunities, conditions, and obstacles for enhanced international cooperation on climate action.


Confirmed Speakers:

Tulio Andrade (Brazil's head of the division of climate negotiation)

Dipak Dasgupta (India's former lead climate negotiator)

Tasneem Essop (executive director of Climate Action Network - International)

Adrien Fabre (economist)

Ali Mohamed (Kenya's special envoy on climate change)

Jennifer Morgan or her substitute (Germany's Secretary of State on climate action)

Evans Njewa (Least Developed Countries' lead climate negotiator on climate finance)

Avinash Persaud (Barbados' special envoy of on climate finance)

Joseph Stiglitz (Economics Nobel Prize recipient)  

Paul Watkinson (France's former lead climate negotiator)

Jacob Werksman (EU's lead climate negotiator)




Rick van der Ploeg (U Oxford)
Sareh Vosooghi (KULeuven)


Organising Commitee

Adrien Fabre (CNRS France)

Sareh Vosooghi (KULeuven)


Questions about the event may be sent to adrien.fabre@cnrs.fr


Registrations are now open. Given the limited number of seats, priority will be given to early registrants. Please register here.


This event is organised with the support of EAERE.

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