EAERE 2024
Leuven, Belgium
01 Jul - 04 Jul 2024
29th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Awards and Recognitions

EAERE announces the following awards and recognitions in year 2024:
The European Award for Researchers in Environmental Economics under the Age of Forty is a recognition given every year to the environmental economist under the age of forty who is judged to have made the most significant contribution to environmental economic thought and knowledge. If there is a significant body of joint work, the prize may be awarded jointly to two recipients provided that both recipients are under the age of forty. The Award is honorary and materially consists of Springer books vouchers to the value of EUR 1.000.
The EAERE Fellows programme recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of environmental and resource economics. EAERE fellows must have contributed to the advancement of the profession of environmental and resource economists through outstanding publications, and/or important roles in the policy word, and/or important roles in the Association’s governance and/or activities.
The Award recognises Practitioners in the policy or business arena who have made signal contributions in the application of economic ideas. Eligible candidates are those who: work or do substantive business in Europe; have demonstrated courage and skill in successfully achieving the implementation of environmental economics ideas. The prize is awarded in even years only if one or more awardees deserving the prize have been nominated.
This Award recognises exemplary research published in the EAERE official journal Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE) during the previous year. 
The EAERE Award for Best Doctoral Dissertations in Environmental and Resource Economics is given to encourage and recognize outstanding and innovative academic achievement in the field of Environmental and Resource Economics. Three dissertations will be awarded every year after peer review of all submissions. A thematic session with the new winner is organized by the EAERE Council during the next EAERE Annual Conference. Dissertations may be on any topic of relevance to Environmental and Resource Economics. Dissertations must have been written as part of a graduate course of study at an accredited academic European institution and defended in the calendar year preceeding the year in which the award is announced.
The “EAERE Award for ERC Grants laureates in the field of environmental and resource economics” intends to recognize the scientific excellence of ERC grantees (Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants, Advanced Grants, Synergy Grants). It aims at welcoming Awardees to the EAERE community by granting them a complimentary membership for the time of their ERC Grants. Awardees are offered to publish regularly outputs of their research projects via the EAERE magazine, communication channels and social networks, so that EAERE members will be constantly updated about the progresses of the results of frontier research in Europe.
Last update on January 30, 2024