EAERE 2018
Gothenburg Sweden
25 Jun - 29 Jun 2018
6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists

Practical information (A-Z)

All entrances are accessible by wheelchair except entrance J at Handels (stairs).
All lecture halls and rooms are accessible by wheelchair, except for Dragonen, Haga.
Automatic door openers – available throughout Handels and Haga.
Hearing loop at Haga – only available in Sappören
Hearing loop at Handels – available in Malmstensalen, Aulan, C22, Volvo, SEB, SKF, C24, C33
For hearing loop at Smyrna – please take seat in the middle of the hall and there will be automatic connection to your hearing aid
Special Dietary Requirements will be served at A-building, floor 3.
Restrooms accessible by wheelchair at Handels: Floor 2 (A and C-building), Floor 3 (E-building), Floor 4 (E-building) Please also see floor maps.
Restrooms accessible by wheelchair at Haga: C-building (floor 2), E-building (floor 1) (close to Sappören)

For special requirements, please contact wcere2018@gu.se prior to the congress, or visit the registration desk at Haga, Sprängkullsgatan 19.

Announcements and programme changes
Programme changes and other messages for participants will be announced on the message board in the registration/information area and in the Congress app.

Computer Room
Computers are available for your access at Haga, by the registration area. Printing facilities is also available. Please contact the information desk for more information regarding printouts. Printing facilities and computers are also available in the Handels Library, A-building, floor 3, during opening hours, 9.00-16.00 (Monday-Friday). Please contact the library staff.

Members of the WCERE 2018 crew are recognized on their black t-shirts, green badges and lanyards and will make sure that programme and practicalities run smoothly throughout the Congress week. Crew members will assist during registration, sessions, breaks and social events, and are happy to provide information and guidance.


The curerncy of Sweden is Swedish Krona (SEK).
1 USD = 8.36 SEK (March 2018)
1 EURO = 10.29 SEK (March 2018)

Exhibition area
At Handels, B - D buildings, floor 3.


First aid and pharmacy
The WCERE first aid team can take care of minor damages, acute illness at an initial stage and provide first aid. Please come to the onsite registration desk at Haga or talk to the WCERE crew team and we will help you. In case of medical emergency, please call 112.

Apoteket Svanen, Linnégatan 16 (750 m)
Apotek Hjärtat, Kungsportsavenyn 26-28 (1 km)


Important numbers                 
The emergency phone number in Sweden that will put you in touch with all the                       emergency services:


Sweden´s country code is + 46.
To call abroad mark +xy or 00xy (xy= country code) followed by area code and number.


In case of fire

 “Think before” – Study the evacuation plans posted in corridors and entrances in the buildings you visit and make sure to know the location of the nearest fire extinguishers and fire alarms, as well as emergency exits and assembly point. Observe the emergency handles and knobs.

  • If the fire alarm sounds – start evacuation immediately. The fire alarm sound is ringing bells.
  • Assist others that are in obvious danger, as long as you do not expose yourself to risks.
  • Warn others who may not perceive the alarm.
  • Escape routes and emergency exits are clearly marked with green signs; always choose the nearest safe emergency exit.
  • Go to assembly point: Hagaparken
  • If present, follow directions given by staff in bright orange vests


Information desk
Please read more under the section Registration and information desk

Institutional meetings and Editorial board meetings

Most institutional meetings and editorial board meetings take place in the C 3 and D 3 areas, Handels.

Participants in institutional meetings (except AERE Members Lunch) will find lunch boxes outside the meeting rooms. If you have any special dietary requirements, please pick up your lunch box in A building, floor 3. For participants in institutional meetings we recommend to use entrance A when arriving from Smyrna.

Please note that the AERE Members Lunch takes place in Haga (Kafé Haga), which means you need to cross the street from Handels after you have picked-up your lunch.


The Organizers cannot be held responsible for accidents to participants or for damage to or loss of their personal property howsoever caused.


Lost-and-Found will be collected in the registration area.


Lunch and coffee/tea breaks
Lunch will be served at food stations at Handels only.
There will be several coffee/tea stations situated at Handels and one coffee/tea station in Haga by the registration area.
All lunches are vegetarian
Special dietary requirements will be served in A-building, floor 3.
Please feel free to use the tents at the Inner courtyard and the Courtyard during lunchtime.
Standing tables can be found and used throughout Handels.
Tables and chairs are available around Handels but mainly in the E-building at floor 3 and at Hyllan at floor 4.
Please do not bring food or drinks to the session rooms, except if you are attending a lunch meeting.
Participants in institutional meetings (except AERE Members Lunch) will find lunch boxes outside the meeting rooms.
If you have any special dietary requirements, please pick up your lunch box in A building floor 3. For participants in institutional meetings we recommend you to use entrance A when arriving from Smyrna.


Meeting fascilitation
There are a limited number of small meeting rooms available for WCERE participants during the Congress week. To check availability and book your meeting room, please contact the information desk (registration area) at the Congress venue (Haga).


Name badge
By the registration at Haga, Sprängkullsgatan 19, you will get your name badge using the bar code from your booking confirmation (that you received by e-mail or sms).

All the participants in WCERE 2018 are requested to wear their name badges (given on registration) at all times. Only participants wearing name badges will be allowed access to the scientific sessions, coffee and lunch breaks and social events.


No smoking policy
According to Swedish law, smoking is prohibited inside any building, venue, hotels, busses, etc. Smoking is only allowed in open-air zones.

Registration and information desk
The WCERE congress registration and information desk is located at Haga, entrance at Sprängkullsgatan 19.
By the registration desk you will get your name badge using the bar code from your booking confirmation (that you received by e-mail or sms).

By the registration area you will find:
- Information desk
- Cloakroom
- AERE, EAERE and EAAEREstands
- First aid
- Tourist information


Opening hours for Registration and information desk:                                                                   

25 June, Monday                        08.00 – 21.00      (cloakroom open to 22.00)
26 June Tuesday                        07.30 - 19.00
27 June Wednesday                  08.00 - 18.00
28 June Thursday                      08.00 - 19.00        (cloakroom open to 23:00)
29 June Friday                           08.00 –16.00



Sweden is in the Central European Time Zone (CET) and one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1).



If you need a taxi, you may call:
Taxi Göteborg +46 (0) 31 650 000
Taxi Göteborg download the app for Iphone  or  Android.


Water bottles

All WCERE 2018 participants will get a water bottle made of glass – please bring it with you and use it during the Congress. Pick up your bottle when registering and fill it regularly at your nearest tap at the venue, hotel or in the city centre – Sweden has excellent tap water for drinking. There are also several water stations at the venue (see floor plan). Please note that there will be no other drinks served during lunch. We also hope that you will use the bottle for many years after the Congress!


All participants have access to wireless internet connection with following details:

Handels and Haga:
Wifi                     WCERE2018
Username           WCERE2018!

Wifi                     Smyrna
Username           kafesmyrna

WCERE participants can also use their access to the Eduroam network.


Working spaces

You can find quiet working- and reading spaces in the library (Handels Building A, floor 3). Opening hours: 9.00-16.00 (Monday-Friday). In the library you also find printing facilities – please contact the library staff.

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