EAERE 2018
Gothenburg Sweden
25 Jun - 29 Jun 2018
6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists

About the congress venue

The WCERE 2018 is held mainly in the two buildings that house the School of Business, Economics and Law (“HANDELS”) and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gothenburg (“HAGA”). Both are situated across the street from each other. All plenary sessions will be held in the Smyrna Church, a few minutes walk from Handels and Haga buildings.

Getting to the congress venue 


HANDELS - School of Business, Economics and Law
Visiting address: Vasagatan 1

At HANDELS you will find:
- most of the parallel sessions
- lunch and coffee stations


HAGA - Faculty of Social Sciences
Visiting address: Sprängkullsgatan 19

At HAGA you will find:
- Registration
- Information desk
- A few parallel sessions
- Cloakroom
- Tourist information

SMYRNA CHURCH – for plenary sessions
Visiting address: Haga Kyrkogata 2

To walk to Smyrna from the entrance of Handels: please cross the road. Round the Social Sciences Library (round the library either on the left or the right side) and walk across Haga kyrkoplan and you will have the Smyrna church on the right side of the park (close to the tram tracks) and behind the Haga church.



The School of Economics, Business and Law (HANDELS)
Photo: Jeffrey Johns



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