EAERE 2021
Organised online
23 Jun - 25 Jun 2021
26th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Pre-conference Workshop: The Joint Environmental, Social and Economic Impacts of Environmental Policies, Including Through Technological Change and Innovation

June 21, 2021 | 13:00 18:00 UTC+2 | online

Organizers: Walid Oueslati (OECD), Antoine Dechezleprêtre (OECD), Tobias Kruse (OECD)


Background and Aims

The workshop will bring together experts in empirical analysis and modelling, statisticians,  regulators and policymakers in order to discuss the latest findings from the research community looking at the joint impact of environmental policies on environmental, social and economic outcomes, including technological change, innovation and the resulting benefits for businesses.

Over the past decade, the growing importance of the joint impacts of environmental regulation on environmental, social, and economic outcomes has sparked a growing literature, both in ex-post empirical analysis and ex-ante modelling. Analysing the joint impacts of environmental policies is important because, from a policy perspective, a desirable outcome is to achieve the greatest environmental benefits (e.g. emission reductions) at acceptable economic and social costs. Similarly, implementing environmental policies that have very limited economic consequences on regulated entities cannot be considered successful if these policies deliver little environmental benefits. Analysing the environmental, social and economic outcomes of environmental regulation provides a comprehensive view on potential winners and losers from regulation, helping to design more effective and socially acceptable environmental policies.

Improving environmental outcomes while sustaining economic growth requires increasing innovation in clean technologies. Innovation in clean technologies will therefore need to play a central role in the transition towards a low-carbon and socially inclusive economy.

This workshop will focus on a number of broad guiding questions:

  1. What does the most recent evidence tell us about the joint environmental, economic and social impacts of environmental policies?
  2. What types of policies are more effective?                                                                         
  3. What is the role of innovation in delivering environmental, social and economic benefits?
  4. What are the challenges in designing effective and socially acceptable environmental policies?



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Download the agenda as PDF file here (last updated June 17, 2021).


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Introduction and setting the scene

Session 1: Joint effects of climate policies –Ex-post empirical evidence

Session 2: Joint effects of climate policies–Insights fromtheory and modelling

Session 3: Lessons for policy making

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