EAERE 2021
Organised online
23 Jun - 25 Jun 2021
26th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Log-in Information

The conference will be held online using Zoom Video Conferencing and Remo Platform. The parallel sessions will be held in Zoom, the plenary sessions with Remo. The conference foyer, where you can meet many participants, publishers and sponsors, is also supported by Remo. See the Programme Overview for details.

The conference is accessible for registered participants via two paths:

  1. The plenary sessions will be held in Remo. Also the conference lounge, where you can meet colleagues and friends, is created in Remo. To get into the platform you have to log in via the Remo link. Simply click the Remo link under the announced keynote or plenary session which can be found in AnyMeets. When you log in for the first time, a wizard will guide you through the short registration procedure. If you have an account with Remo, logging in is very easy: you only need to enter your email address and your created password. ATTENTION: Please use the email address you used to register for the conference. AND: Please keep your password safe! Otherwise you will have to create a new one, which will take time.
  2. After logging in you will be asked if you allow access to your camera and microphone. We strongly recommend that you give this permission. You can turn off your camera and mic at any time later on the platform. After you have given permission, you can check your camera and mic. Then you can join the conference. Remo will then lead you to the landing floor, a foyer with many tables and chairs. You will recognize yourself in the form of an avatar on one of the chairs. If you don't feel comfortable there, just choose an empty chair at another table, double-click, and you will be seated at that table. At the bottom you will see the usual bar as you know it from other conference tools (Zoom, Webex, Teams). There you can turn on/off your mic and camera etc.
  3. To use Remo effectively, it is best to watch the following short screencast: www.youtube.com/watch?v=P01JxUBNU2Y. You can perform a gear test for your camera and microphone on Remo at https://geartest.remo.co/. In case of any technical trouble please refer to this checklist.
  4. The key advantage of Remo is that the participants are visibly distributed in a virtual room and that they can communicate with each other at each table. If you still want to meet or get to know other participants, you can select the appropriate tables. You can also visit our helping desk for assistance, publishers' booths and sponsors' stands.
  5. You can access the parallel sessions via the usual Zoom link. You don't need a password here. Just click. The corresponding links are listed for registered participants in AnyMeets. Instead of specifying rooms, you will find the corresponding link button that leads to the Zoom meeting.

Protection of personal data

The security of personal data (name, email address, affiliation, etc.) is guaranteed by Remo. If the organiser of the event is located in Europe, Remo is committed to the European Data Protection Directives. Further details can be found at: Data Protection Addendum - Remo.co Virtual Events and Office space


Virtual Background in Zoom

Here you can find a customized virtual backgound that you can use during the conference in Zoom. Please note: The virtual background is a JPG-File.

Troubleshooting if Remo or Zoom do not work or collapse during a session


  • If you can't log in to Remo: Check if you have used the email address with which you registered for the congress (only with this email address you can log in).
  • If connection problems occur during the keynote and plenary sessions:
    • Check first if the problem is with your individual connection (e.g. make a geartest: https://geartest.remo.co).
    • Log out of Remo once and log in again.
    • If this does not help: Please wait. You will be informed by email and receive a replacement link (most likely in Zoom).


  • If connection problems occur during the parallel session with Zoom:
    • Try to reconnect
    • If this does not help, please wait. You will be informed by email. We will try to send you a replacement link.
Last update on June 23, 2021