EAERE 2020
Organised online
23 Jun - 03 Jul 2020
25th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Instructions for Paper Presenters

Organisation of Sessions

The Organisation of sessions shall be coordinated between all presenters and the session organizer.


Updating Paper Information

New Paper File

If you wish to upload a new version of your paper we ask you to do this by Friday, June 5. To do this, please follow these steps: (a) go to  http://fleximeets.com/eaere2020 and sign in, (b) click “View Submissions”, (c) click on the paper you want to update, (d) on the right-hand side under “Edit submission”, click “Upload file”, which will replace your original file.

Author names 

Please check the list and the order of authors in Fleximeets and if necessary, change this so it corresponds with what you have on the title page of your paper. To modify, repeat steps (a)-(c) above. The under “Edit submissions”, click “Edit Authors”. To change the order of the authors use the symbol to the left of the author number.


Checklist for presenters
(more information under in the
Technical Guidelines)

Before the conference

  • Study the Technical Guidelines
  • If necessary, update your paper information in fleximeets
  • Coordinate with all presenters to have a test run

Before the session

  • Email your presentation to your session chair/organizer as a backup in case there are technology problems (In case your internet connection is bad, turn of your video and let somebody else share his/her screen with your presentation).
  • Initiating a good discussion can be tricky in virtual events. Read each other's papers and write down some questions beforehand. Also, your session organizer may include some interactive polls for you (ask him/her!), which can be a good way to start a discussion.
  • Have your presentations ready in an appropriate format (.pptx, .pdf)
  • Get there on time! Chairperson should be present 15 minutes, presenters 15-10 minutes before the start of the session.Use the time to test all functionalities (video, audio, screen share, ...).
  • Name tags: all presenters should use their own name and institutions as identifier
  • Prepare your presentation environment (glass of water, phone muted, surrounding free of distractions - if possible, use the EAERE-branded background which you can download here
  • Prepare your technical devices (camera and microphone, good light, 
  • Turn off applications such as email, browser and instant messaging (e.g. Skype) that could send noisy notifications)
  • Presentations should be shared in full screen, e.g. full screen for PDFs (press Ctrl + L) and presentation mode for PowerPoint presentations (press F5).

During the Session

  • Make sure all participants and presenters are muted when not speaking (somebody should keep an eye on that during the session, usually the moderator is too busy to do this). Optimally, people who join the session are muted by default.
Last update on June 19, 2020