EAERE 2020
Organised online
24 Jun - 27 Jun 2020
25th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Programme Overview

This year’s EAERE conference evolves around Friday, the of 26th June, which incorporates all centrally organized sessions including opening and closing ceremonies, a plenary keynote on the European Green Deal and three invited sessions taking place in a semi-plenary format. In addition, almost 150 Policy, Thematic and Parallel Sessions are decentrally organized by volunteer presenters. The decentral sessions take place between 22nd of June and 3rd of July with a concentration between Wednesday, 24th of June and Saturday, 27th of June. In total, about 570 papers will be presented, and an additional 70 papers will be uploaded to a conference database.

All sessions can be attended free of charge. The final programme including session access information will soon be published and can be accessed after signing up to http://fleximeets.com/eaere2020. This additional step is necessary to avoid unwanted intrusion into sessions (“Zoom-bombing”). Decentral session organizers are free to choose their webinar tools but most sessions will be held in Zoom and should be accessible via browser without the need for additional software. Feel free to advertise the conference among your peers and students!


Last update on May 29, 2020