EAERE 2020
Organised online
23 Jun - 03 Jul 2020
25th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists


This year’s annual EAERE conference will be an online-only event. While there will be some centrally organized (semi-)plenary sessions, the majority of Parallel, Thematic and Policy Sessions will be decentrally organized by volunteering presenters/session organizers. While we provide some technical and organizational framework conditions, the details of any session are decided by their organizer and presenters. This includes the choice of an online conferencing tool, the temporal arrangement of papers in the session, the moderation, discussants, etc.


Guidelines and Instructions

The following pages contain some instructions for Session Organizers and Paper Presenters.

This guideline document is intended to give guidance and advice to the organizers and presenters of decentral sessions.

Last update on June 12, 2020