EAERE 2023
Limassol, Cyprus
27 Jun - 30 Jun 2023
28th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

CO2 Offset

For many years EAERE has been giving Conference participants the possibility to offset the CO2 emissions related with their participation to the Annual Conference and thereby successfully contribute to mitigate the EAERE Conferences carbon footprint. Both in-person and online participants are encouraged to consider this opportunity.

During the registration phase, participants can opt for not compensating, compensating with a contribution of EUR 16.00 (corresponding to 1ton of CO2), or EUR 32 and EUR 64 in case they would like to offer a higher support to this initiative.

Participants opting for compensation will be asked to choose which project to support from the following two:

Circular Economy Through Plastic Recycling in Romania (My Climate)
This climate protection project promotes the recycling of used PET bottles and other plastic waste. The PET flakes and granulate obtained from the recycling process are reused, for example, in the packaging industry or for insulation in the construction sector. As a result, resources are saved and the burden on the climate is reduced.

Grow a Tree (WOWnature)
Different natural areas have different needs. In some areas, there is a need to create new forests; in others, there is a need to protect and care for existing ones. “Grow a Tree” allows you to plant and care for a new tree that will make a new forest. Your contribution will support the entire plant growth process: study of the best technical and scientific solutions for each area; cleaning and/or preparation of the planting area; seedling growth in the nursery; planting and maintenance of seedlings; arrangement of access paths, staging areas and information panels.


Last update on March 2, 2023