EAERE 2017
Athens, Greece
28 Jun - 01 Jul 2017
23rd Annual Conference
of the European Association
of Environmental and Resource Economists

Phoebe Koundouri

Speaker: Phoebe Koundouri, Professor of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business, and Founder and Scientific Director of ICRE8

Title of Lecture: Economic Value and Information under Uncertainty: The Driving Force towards Implementing Sustainable Development


This lecture develops a holistic methodological framework, which allows the measurement and integration of economic values in interdisciplinary management of natural resources and other public goods. The analysis argues that this integration is a crucial driving force for the conceptualization and implementation of Sustainable Development. The roles of information, risk and uncertainty are explicitly taken into account and the consistency of different valuation methods for different ecosystem and other services, over time and space, is discussed. The proposed method is illustrated using a theoretical model and a relevant empirical (econometric) application.

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