EAERE 2022
Rimini, Italy
28 Jun - 01 Jul 2022
27th Annual Conference
of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Instructions for egg-timer presenters


Presentation format

A computer (MS Windows environment) is available in each room of the conference venue. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick. Make sure to copy your presentation onto the computer in the assigned room earlier in the day of your egg-timer session. Your presentation file should be in PowerPoint (.pptx or .ppt format) or pdf format. Please include your last name in the file name to avoid confusion.

Organisation of sessions
The egg-timer sessions will run in parallel with paper presentation sessions, but will last approximately 60 minutes. Hence, you will be able to join the last 45 minutes of the longer paper presentation sessions at the end. One person in each session is designated as the Session Chair; please check the detailed conference programme when it becomes available in the coming days to see if you are the Chair of your session. If you are, you will be in charge of time management. The time available for each egg-timer paper is 10 minutes of which 7 minutes are for the presentation and 3 minutes for general discussion. The tight schedule means strict time restrictions, so please respect your colleagues and keep to the allocated time for your presentation. 
Here are some important guidelines to help make the egg-timer format work successfully:
a. Seven minutes is not a long time so make sure you condense your message to fit the time frame.
b. Your presentation should focus only on the key aspects of the paper.  Please practice!
c. You will find that you need very few slides. 
d. Be prepared for you presentation to be cut-short by the session chair if you go over time.
Any questions regarding these instruction and late cancellations should be sent to programme-eaere2022@unibo.it.
Last update on June 8, 2022