EAERE 2019
Manchester, UK
26 Jun - 29 Jun 2019
24th Annual Conference
of the European Association
of Environmental and Resource Economists

Instructions for Poster sessions

New paper file
If you wish to upload a new version of your paper we ask you to do this by Friday 7 June. Please follow these steps: (a) go to http://fleximeets.com/eaere2019 and sign in, (b) click “View Submissions”, (c) click on the paper you want to update, (d) on the right hand side under “Edit submission”, click “Upload file”, which will replace your original file. 
Author names 
Please check the list and the order of authors in Fleximeets and if necessary, change this so it corresponds with what you have on the title page of your paper. To modify, repeat steps (a)-(c) above. Then under “Edit submissions”, click “Edit Authors”. Use the symbol to the left of the author number to change the order of the authors. 
Display of posters 
The posters are displayed in the Drum area of University Place for the duration of the congress. The Drum area is near the Registration desk. You are responsible for putting up and taking down your poster. Poster boards will be labelled with poster numbers. Please put your poster on the correct board, see the detailed conference programme when it becomes available in June. Velcro poster hangers will be available from the registration desk. Posters can be put up on Wednesday 4-7pm during registration or on Thursday morning from 8am. They should be taken down on Saturday morning. 
Poster sessions
The poster sessions are scheduled separately for 12:15-12:45 on Thursday 28 and Friday 29. Poster presenters are kindly requested to stand next to their poster during the duration of their session to answer any questions.
Poster format 
The presentation size is maximum A0 landscape. This is standard poster size (118.9x 84.1cm).  To help you develop your poster, we have provided a few suggestions below. 
Guidelines for Content
  • Introduction: Provide context for your research. Why you are excited about it?
  • Objectives: What questions did you address?
  • Methods: Key information on your research design and analysis. Keep it brief.
  • Results & Discussion: What did you find? Focus on the key points.
  • Conclusions: What did you learn?
  • Do not forget to add your complete contact information.
Aesthetics and Layout
  • Any text in your poster should be readable from 1.5 m away, including text in figures. This means no text should be smaller than a 20-point font. The title should be much larger and readable from a distance (4 m or more).
  • Clearly indicate your key message. Avoid clutter and unnecessary detail. Don't fight the reader's gravity-pull from top to bottom and left to right.
  • Use fonts without serif, but bold. Use dark letters on light backgrounds. Use colour carefully; very bright colours can easily fatigue the reader. Stick to a theme of 2-3 colours.
  • Replace text with graphical elements as much as possible (e.g., photographs or maps of study's location, other visual aids to convey key results).
Any questions regarding these instruction and late cancellations should be sent to programme_eaere2019@manchester.ac.uk
Last update on June 1, 2019