EAERE 2018
Gothenburg Sweden
25 Jun - 29 Jun 2018
6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists

Post-conference Marstrand tour

Join us for a post-congress tour to the beautiful island of Marstrand!

Buses will depart from Gothenburg after the last Congress sessions on Friday 29 June. After 1 hour of bus ride and a short trip by ferry we will gather for dinner at Marstrand at the beautiful Societetshuset.

Buses will go back to Gothenburg in the late evening, but accommodation can be arranged. Hotel rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible.

Last day to sign up is 27 June!
Please register for the Marstrand tour through the registration form.


Time table:
Buses to Marstrand (from Handels)
16.00 - 16.30 
- Buses will leave from Handels, Lilla Bergsgatan (close to the E and D entrance at Handels)
Please do not forget to collect your stored luggage from the cloakroom at Haga before you leave.

18.15-03.00 Mingle, dinner and party with live music at Societetshuset

Buses from Marstrand to Gothenburg, by pre-booked coach
29 June            
Buses will leave from Marstrand and take you back to Gothenburg in the evening at 00.15 and 02.15. (you have to take the ferry latest 00.00 or 02.00)
Please don´t miss the ferry to the bus. The ferry leaves every half hour during night time.

30 June
Buses will leave from Marstrand at 13.00 (for those staying overnight on Marstrand) The bus will be at the same stop as when you arrived.

Buses from Marstrand will stop in Gothenburg at
Gothenburg Central Station
Lilla Bergsgatan (Handels)


Price: 900 sek including  VAT (please note, accommodation is not included)
The price includes:
Travel by bus and ferry Göteborg - Marstrand                       
Travel by ferry and bus Marstrand - Göteborg                       
Dinner, 29 June    

If you are making your own travel arrangements from Marstrand to Gbg, the price is 800 sek including VAT.

In addition to hotel rooms at Marstrand that you can book when registering, it is possible to book accommodation in a shared room (up to 6 persons) at Soldathotellet. Please contact Sweden Meetx on e-mail wcere2018@meetx.se  for booking and more information about this option.

If you decide to arrange the travel back to Gothenburg by your own, we advice you to use the Travelplanner to find your way within the Gothenburg area. At Marstrand the ferry stop is called Marstrandsön and then you go by bus to Gothenburg to Nils Ericsson terminal (by the Central station). From the Central station you can also go by Airport coaches to Landvetter airport for further transportation.

Travel planner

Airport coaches to Landvetter

More about Marstrand

Map for Societetshuset



Last update on June 28, 2018